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Our online business advisor service means you can access the same expert advice as a big business but at a fraction of the cost

Who we are

Runagood has combined its team knowhow (from raising UK small business international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place between 1988-2010) with online technology to create fast, practical and affordable advice for businesses of any size.

The state of your business

Get a free assessment on the health and value of your business and its potential. Discover what's holding it back and get a detailed report.

What you want from your business

Get a free business forecast and plan to achieve the performance and value that you want.

In the hands of certified AI Business Advisors® it couldn’t be easier to obtain expert business advice affordably.

Benefits of using an online business advisor

Our affordable AI Business Advisor®s will support you in implementing practical methods that will help your company grow and solve problems such as:

  • More sales
  • Increased profits
  • Better cash flow
  • Improved efficiency
  • Productive people
  • Fix a crisis
  • Raised business value
  • Exit with capital
  • Recover from a setback
  • Growth
  • Work / life balance
  • Effectiveness
  • Diversification of market or products
  • Risk management

Free health check

Get a free report on the health, performance and value of your company.

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Our clients say

Runagood® Artificial Intelligence analyses what every one of our client companies is worth, every aspect of its underperformance and applies solutions, affordable by even the smallest. With no need to leave the office, this is opening a big and profitable new market.
Reddy Siddiqui LLP
Chartered Accountants
Runagood® technology worked out how to find me more customers economically for my new physio centre and gym. Now I’m a forever subscriber.
Raymond Yong
Evolution Rehab, body movement studio Osteopath. Business owner
Accurate identification by Runagood® analytics of the need to ramp up Internet marketing and accelerate order processing. Well worth the reasonable subscription.
Sean Sohrabkhani
Owner of Original Cafe Racer Co
Runagood® analytics are simple and quick to use, producing realistic current and potential valuations, enabling us to keep financing the business successfully. We are regular subscribers to the software.
Jeremy Proctor
CFO Brac Saajan, international money exchange
Runagood® algorithms pinpointed the need for cashflow planning and provided the model to control my growing business. Quick, efficient and cost effective, the subscription is well worth the small cost for any business issue, taking away the financial burden of external consultants.
Dr Stathis Stefanidis
Business owner Phi Tuition, STEM tutors
Runagood® software rapidly analysed our competitive position, highlighted the need to build a database and marketing system and provided them economically and effectively.
Anne Jennings
Partner of Viridian Studio, landscape designs
Runagood® technology was effective and quick in identifying the cause of my problem and its solution. I’ll use it again to avoid my next problem!
Shay Elbaz
Business owner The Coffee Tree, coffee shop
When I had some important business decisions to take, runagood® technology was immensely helpful in analysing the situation and crystallising my thinking.
Levison Wood
Business owner Levison Wood, films, writing & photography
We were able to build a major funding plan at very little cost, using runagood® software. Very important as a charity working with young people. Impressive and effective service.
Sahana Gero
Founder World Heart Beat, music academy
Runagood® algorithms proved smart in forecasting the performance of our revolutionary digital learning new business model.
David Heslop
Director Prosell, sales & customer service training
Effective and affordable for the tiniest of businesses, Runagood® technology enabled us to research and identify the markets we most needed to focus on.
Wendy Bryan
Director Yoga On A Shoestring

Our software is here to help you

  1. Our methods are split into tasks, ready to be started when you are
  2. Assign a task to you or your colleague, set a deadline
  3. Download ready made documents to help you achieve your goals

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